Our goal is to support a viable path for communities in DR Congo.

We believe that only the people of Congo can bring long-term development and positive change to DR Congo. As foreigners, we cannot simply decide how to approach Congo's problems and impose a top-down solution. At best, it often creates dependence. At worst, this approach can cause unintended damage. No people are empowered when outsiders control their basic needs.

Congolese leadership and ownership are key. 

How, then, can a western organization help in a meaningful way? We do it through facilitation. We provide resources, remove impediments, and build bridges between our Congolese partners, local and international organizations, and assure donors that their investment has a positive impact.

We turn the aid process upside-down by taking a consulting role. We identify Congolese organizations that are doing good work and accompany them on their path. We maintain a close relationship with them based on our shared philosophies and values. Most recently, our role has been to:

  • Facilitate exchanges, such as educational opportunities, for community leaders in Congo.
  • Network to connect our partners with helpful organizations inside Congo and abroad.
  • Sponsor opportunities for community leaders to speak internationally about human development in Congo.
  • Strengthen our partners' credibility by providing them with resources to verify that they meet or exceed international standards.
  • Create IT solutions that support our partners' research, analysis,  communication, and data storage needs.
  • Stand with our partners daily to consult and support as they scale their programs, build capacity, and improve the human development index in DR Congo.

We are sponsors and bridge builders. Our partners are our peers. We advocate for them, collaborate with them, and walk with them as they transform the future of DR Congo.

We work with the goal that our partners in Congo will no longer need us.