Fred Bauma is the 2016 ACT for Congo Scholarship for Congolese Luminaries Awardee.

See article and hear podcast at Humanosphere: Fred Bauma, on the front lines of Congo's fight for democracy.

We believe that lasting change in Congo can only come from the people of Congo.

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HOLD's Environmental Club teams up with another Congolese grassroots organization, Amis Protecteur de la Nature (APN), to teach the community about creating a sustainable future.

HOLD's Environmental Club also makes a commitment to cleaning up their neighborhood. They are repurposing plastic bags from the trash to make beautiful accessories that people can wear. These fashionable totes aren't being shuttled off to get sold in the developed world. People in Goma buy and wear them! 

Principals & Pregnancy: Toward ending a policy that expels teen mothers from school.  

As part of a targeted approach, HOLD's peer educators visit schools and share their experience of being forced to leave school when they became pregnant. HOLD invited all the principals of the area's schools to a presentation, and many were moved to tears. Twelve principals decided to work together with HOLD and the state Education system to change the policy.


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"The justice system is pretty much broken..." ACT for Congo's Executive Director Judy Anderson explains to Seattle Times in I was raped by a boy: Women in Congo get help from Seattle-Area groups.

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