Josiah's mother

Josiah's mother

Josiah MUTAMBA’s mom has recovered her smile.  She’s happy and comforted that her son is healthy again.  He’d been suffering from a hernia, and HOLD’s counselors’ mediation and advocacy helped him get the operation he needed.

Family planning was introduced for the first time to the 6th Cohort during three sessions, planned by the Awareness Mobilization team of HOLD in collaboration with the Afia Katindo Health Center, who sent Madame Agnes, their peer educator expert in the subject.  Her teaching resulted in positive reactions.  Our goal is the World Health Organization’s zero infant mortality.


This week the girls in the education track  at HOLD learned a lot of things which could be useful to them in the economic future of our country, especially in development.  One thing we can cite is learning how to make product to straighten hair from locally available materials, and how to apply it.

Girls in all vocational tracks at HOLD also learned about the law.  And following the sessions, we discovered a case that needed judicial accompaniment.  A teen mom suffered violence by her ex-husband, and she went to the court. But after he made an “arrangement” with the court, they released him, hoping that he would make things right within the family. But so far, nothing has been done.  So we contacted and involved the Ministry of Social Services to put pressure on the situation and to ensure justice.


Summer Environment Camp has taken a new turn as the children begin to do things that call society to get more involved in protecting the environment and our ecosystem.  For example, this week the children started to collect non-biodegradable wrapping and started to make useful items from them.  For instance, they’ll make placemats and many other things next week.

We also have a new article on the Flora and Fauna of DR Congo. la faune et la flore congolaise

Children collect and sort non-biodegradable garbage from their neighborhood.

Children collect and sort non-biodegradable garbage from their neighborhood.

 This past Thursday night there was a lot of fear in Goma, capital of North Kivu, but the epicenter of the earthquake was in Lake Tanganyika, south of Bukavu, according to the spokesperson for the Volcano Observatory in Goma.   It had been reported that two children were killed in a house that collapsed near the Bukavu airport.  But according to a local source, the children were killed in a fire that later spread to a number of stores, that was occurred shortly before the earthquake.

Three quakes were felt between 3:25 and 3:50 am.  The first, which lasted under 2 minutes, was the hardest.  The quake was felt as far as Walungu, 70 Km northwest of Bukavu.

Top priority these days are the visas for the four from HOLD-DRC and APN (Friends to Protect Nature) who’ll represent Eastern Congo at the XIVth World Forestry Conference in Durban, South Africa, from the 7-11th of September, 2015. Know that getting a South Africa visa in our country is not easy. But we’re not going to give up.


Next week we’re going to compile data for the brochures designed by students of Goma after 3 days of work with them.   These brochures will cover the following subjects: the environment, reproductive health, leadership, and the rights of women.

 We will also continue the surveys on living conditions of the beneficiaries of the 6th Cohort.  This is done in research partnership with the University of Wisconsin.

 And, just for fun, the women at HOLD are starting to dance. Here’s their first YouTube, out today! Their therapy and healing include many forms of expression. Traditional dance is the latest---after writing songs, drama and poetry. They’ve made music videos.

Who knows what’s to follow?