Solange was studying at the university in Bukavu, South Kivu, when international conflict forced her to become a refugee. She took her first job with the International Committee of the Red Cross, where she truly understood that she had to work for peace. It doesn't just "happen".

She later finished her studies and worked for CARE until joining Pole Institute in in 2010. Pole is a Congolese-based research group that has been publishing about the Eastern Congo economy, society and conflicts for over twenty years. Their research covers topics around peace, democracy, food security, cross-border trade and mineral traffic, economics, and the crucial elements that women bring to the table when finding a way to peace and security. Pole's research is for everyone, and brings together varied voices, old and young, from all the different ethnic groups who inhabit the areas on this eastern part of the country. Pole also has a good library, and students from many different schools find their way to read in the reading room.

Solange brings her personal experience of living in eastern Congo, having been a refugee, having to start over in another country, and returning to work in Congo. She is a working mother of four, so she understands many challenges facing women who operate small businesses. She brings intellect, wisdom and heart to her work to improve conditions that will help people thrive in the community.