Congo is rapidly changing. Mass communication was hard to find in DR Congo until recently. Smartphone technology exploded in the last couple of years, though, so social media is allowing the people of Congo to organize in a ways that were not possible just a few years ago.

It makes a difference when the world watches.

Learn as much as you can about DR Congo. Follow us on Twitter, and retweet the stories we link (soon.)Share Succeeding Together's videos on your blogs or on social media. Talk to your friends about people in Congo. Raising awareness makes all the difference.

Soon, this section will contain information to help you:

  • Use social media to share news of events in Congo that are not often covered Western media.
  • Have a party and serve Congolese-influenced foods. Talk with your friends about DR Congo.
  • Listen to Congolese music. Learn how they influenced music world-wide.
  • Learn about Congolese art and how it influenced Cubism and other genres.
  • Appreciate Congolese style and contemporary culture.
  • Write an essay or paper about Congo.

But please, share their inspiring stories. Most of what we hear about DR Congo is about war and rape. Our news media focuses on the suffering, but that is not the only story...


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