Our Philosophy

At ACT for Congo, we believe that root-level change and ongoing development cannot be imposed by outsiders. The people impacted need to know that they have an opportunity to participate, and they need to believe that their input is valued. They also need to want the changes taking place. Without local ownership, no effort will produce lasting results. They need a seat at the stakeholder's table.

Outsiders who frame DR Congo as a problem to be fixed can cause harm when they do not understand the consequences of their solutions. Our partners understand the keys to development in Congo more clearly than most external aid organizations. They are experienced professionals whose effectiveness has been demonstrated over time. They live in the communities where they work. We do not direct their programs. Our role is to help them be effective in realizing their vision. We help them network and build their reputations internationally. We help them form useful collaborations, and give them operational support.

We support them. They transform lives.