Our Goals and Values

We identify and support Congolese leaders that are making a positive impact in their community. We work closely with them, as we share a long-time working history that spans a decade or more. Our partners:

  • Foster social protection and gender equity
  • Increase access to justice
  • Strengthen human capital
  • Innovate pathways to health
  • Cultivate community inclusively
  • Support sustainable development and protect the environment
  • Mobilize for disaster response

We only work with those who have adopted international procedures for accounting and record keeping, and submit to the same external audit practices used by international non-governmental organizations worldwide.  We also require active self-evaluation, and help to establish concrete metrics that ensure their work is effective. This helps create tools to meet their program goals and build credibility. It also informs us of their progress.

We work with leaders and programs that empower the most vulnerable people in DR Congo. This often focuses on women and children, but our approach is all-inclusive.

We support programs that assist victims of sexual violence and address related vulnerability. Because our partners are local, they understand unique issues and can give effective aid an outsider cannot. Trust is key. People who need help are more likely to trust a community member than an external aid worker.