It was a very good year! Thank you!!

Our partners continue to deepen their work in the lives of the people around them, and link to others to exchange learning and experience. Our work is to make it possible for them to continue this work. Your donations at work:

  • Modestine and Aime Bisimwa consulted with Hear Congo about their vocational training program in Katanga, and exchanged visits with staff at Tenke. HOLD’s experience is setting standards, and being recognized in various ways!

  • Modestine and Aime attended a Covenant World Relief partnership conference in South Africa

  • Sponsored by HOLD-DRC, Aural acupuncture (NADA Protocol) was taught by Beth Cole and Meagan Yarberry to 19 health professionals in Goma representing 4 hospitals and several institutions which counsel and treat people with trauma. This is a type of treatment that is especially effective for stress and trauma.

HOLD DRC began the 10th cohort, with more than 140 young girls and women learning life skills and vocational training which, for those who pass state exams, earn a state-issued certificate. More than 1200 have already done so in the past five years. Peer educators speak in schools, clinics, worship centers and marketplaces, teaching different subjects every month on health, conflict transformation, money management and human rights.

  • HOLD has been working with POLE Institute in research and training women with small businesses.

  • HOLD developed a fourth training: Professional Cleaning and Literacy. This is a first in DRC, and the government is collaborating to define a national curriculum and standard for professional cleaning.

  • HOLD was able to purchase land to build their own training facility. Plans have been drawn in Goma. All that’s needed is funding. Donate using the button at the top of the page.

  • HOLD was recognized as a Center of Excellence by the province of North Kivu.

  • A new website and media training for HOLD staff, who’re using Facebook to connect in Goma and advertise their tailoring boutique, Kitenge!

Congo Nouveau received a grant and was able to train over 300 activists in 19 cities around DRCongo, in ways to mobilize their communities around issues that they can address, on human rights and the Congolese constitution and laws, on nonviolence, and general civic education.


  • Dr. Cathy Kassi completed her OB-GYN specialty in Benin, and has returned to DR Congo to practice medicine that will help women and their families.

  • Fred Bauma came to the US for a five-month study program in English. Fred spoke to the US Congressional committee on DRC, and at Global Washington. What his Rainmakers interview posted on our home page.

Data Matters: We are working with HOLD in Goma to build a data program that will be useful for determining what are the most effective ways to build lasting development. This will include storage, data management, and analytics for reporting and for their own purposes.

ACT for Congo is the bridge to connect individuals and organizations with similar vision and values. It is a joy when it yields positive results for Congolese communities!