"Abandoning our young girls condemns them to death."  -- Modestine Etoy

Modestine was born in Bukavu and grew up in DR Congo.  She is the second of thirteen children in a family that deeply valued education, gender equity, and service to their community.

She holds an MA in Community Development from University of Goma. After graduating, she worked as a community mobilizer and spent five years leading a comprehensive program for women in North Kivu province. Her integrity, passion, and vision for gender equity and justice led us to award her our first ACT for Congo Scholarship for Luminary Women. She attended the iLEAP fall leadership training in 2012.

She became Program Manager at HOLD-DRC in September of 2012. At HOLD, she leads Succeeding Together, a growing program for teen moms that is making an enormous positive impact on young women and the community at large. Her skill as a manager and brilliance as a community organizer is evident from the impact of her work.

She continues to work closely with ACT for Congo.