Micheline Mwendike is a journalist, photographer, and activist who advocates for basic needs in her community. A graduate of University of Goma, she and four of her fellow students began to organize for cleaner air and water. They called the group "La LUCHA," and soon held a campaign where they were beaten and jailed. La LUCHA was undaunted. Most recently, they are organizing "Goma needs water," a campaign that is now 1500 people strong.

Micheline works for a Non-Governmental Organization [NGO] in Congo called Observatory: Governance and Peace, which is a peace and justice organization in Bukavu for whom she interviews, observes, and documents in North and South Kivu.

Raised in Goma, she worked as a media intern at a Congolese NGO upon graduating from the university. She is enormously competent, driven, and dedicated to peace and social justice. 



Interview with Kelvin Batumike: