About the videos:

Judy, our Executive Director, travels to Goma frequently. She went to see the Balume brothers of Maisha Soul and invited them to the HOLD-DRC center to see their program for teen moms. They were so inspired that they decided to produce a song with the women in the program. They were ready to get started!

ACT for Congo raised funds to cover the cost of making the video -- mostly fuel to run a generator to power the recording studio. HOLD and Maisha Soul provided the talent.

The experience was so empowering for the women who worked on Tushinde Pamoga that they are still writing songs, and use them in their peer leadership presentations and teaching. They carry messages of hope and social justice. The refrain in the video above called Unsinicheke means, "Don't laugh at me (for being a single mom) because I was forced."

Making Tushinde Pamoja: