Josias MUTAMBA was suffering from Hernia. He started his treatments last Wednesday and he had surgery last Friday , thanks to HOLD DRC’s counseling team. And we have to note that the child was presenting the signs of malnutrition.

This week we registered many cases of diseases. 9 children under 5 years old were having diarrhea and vomiting.  5 girls had headaches and belly pain. After analysis we realized that all these signs are the consequences of the lack of drinking water and the increase of dust during this dry season.  

HOLD DRC’s Team in charge of awareness have shown the beneficiaries the basic principles for the water treatment and encourage them to always drink water from the bio sand filter available at our local office.

A nutrition-boosting meal composed of (rice, soya, peanuts, sorghum, wheat) was prescribed to Marcelin the child from the Children’s Space, who suffers from malnutrition at the Carmel therapeutic and nutritional center.


Jackie MATONDOstands out in the Cosmetology class. She’s created her own model after the teacher’s explanations. She’s a teen mom and has no father, and her Mother was not able to pay her school fees.  But she’s very intelligent and she could do great things if she was doing normal school.

Raising Community

Internal investigations about the living conditions of the beneficiaries began last Monday for the 6th promotion.  A survey is being used in order to see how conditions change and to capture data over 18 months that will help HOLD tell its story and improve the services to its beneficiaries. It’s important to have a baseline that’s accurate and reflects the economic, social and health situation of the beneficiaries before, during and after their training at HOLD.  This Investigation is done in partnership with the University of WISCONSIN-MADISON.   

3 beneficiaries were visited last week by the Human Development Association.


 HOLD’s partnership with APN (Friends for the Protection of Nature) continues with a summer camp for 30 kids from around Goma.  This week’s lesson for the children was on how to plant a young tree.

Four members of HOLD and APN will be attending the XIVWorld forestry congress in South Africa, thanks to a grant from ACT for Congo and 2050 Kids. Members from APN and HOLD met for a discussion about some of the conference’s topics in order to have an general idea of what is going on. (wfc )

In our Country the Customs Office Director announced confiscation on 22nd July of 54 ivory tusks in KINSHASA in a house belonging to a man from Guinea. The customs claim that the booty weighs 138.8 pounds. Unfortunately the trafficker escaped.


Rehearsals for the song about a teen mom’s life continue to be held as normal. Lessons in traditional Dance are growing. Girls are performing very well.  Thanks to KAVIRA Furaha for this, a Teen mom who was sad and shy before, but these days she's entertaining other girls joyfully on stage.