47 children (of moms in the Sixth Cohort) were malnourished when they arrived at our center but with nutritional food and what their moms are learning, their health continues to improve.  We follow them closely.

Parents have been challenged and are responding to health and hygiene teaching at HOLD, and thanks to clean drinking water  available (two bio-sand filters) at the center, the rate of water-borne disease has lessened at the center and in the society. The work is to continue with awareness always, so that there be zero cases of cholera among us.

Counselors are actively listening to the beneficiaries being trained in Cosmetology.  Of 5 girls who’ve been counseled so far, three have been released from their trauma. Note that these listening sessions involve actively listening to the person without “healing” them, but discerning the issues with the goal of finding a solution to help the person release the trauma.

37 Peer Educators and the Human Development Club leaders were trained in reproductive health and family planning by OB-GYN Dr. Rogatien MWANDJALULU KISINDJA.  This activity is supported by the Health Zone of Goma and Act with Africa.



It’s the start of the school year 2015-2016; HOLD—DRC provided school kits to 30 children of beneficiaries to encourage and congratulate the mothers on their commitment to their children’s education. The single mothers, their parents and their children were comforted by this act,  that they consider an act of charity and a message that reinforces that education is a right for every Congolese child.

The women in the Literacy class are making words with syllables. This is certain progress; they’ve strengthened their determination to learn.  An evaluation test showed that 70% of the women are learning.

25 children have learned to write the numbers and color them. They’ve started to do homework at home.

Community development

MBILIZI WAKENGE, is currently a peer educator at HOLD DRC.  She was living common-law with her partner.  Thanks to what she’s learned about civil rights she was able to convince her husband to be married legally by the city of Goma.  She even paid the registration fees for the ceremony.  She said, « I paid with the money I’ve made from my small business of selling plastic containers and utensils, which I started with a loan from the Human Development Club and with savings I’ve made from the transportation money ($20 monthly) I get for being a peer educator ». 


The international day of Charity was celebrated last Friday at HOLD. It was the scene for many cultural activities :  Poetry, dances, dramas, songs (one on « Charity » and the whole celebration ended with a distribution of school supplies to the children of HOLD’s cohorts who’re going to start school.


Children of the Environment for Kids Club (a collaboration between APN,or Friends to Protect Nature,  and HOLD) finished their summer camp with a demonstration of what they’ve learned for their parents and other children at HOLD.  It was a clear message to their parents and families about the Protection of Nature, Health and Keeping the Environment Clean.  This club will continue once a week to strengthen and deepen what they’ve already learned on protecting the environment.

Finally, the trip to the XIVth World Forestry Congress will not take place; we’ll tell you the rest in the next newsletter.  We thank our partners from 2050kids, ACT for Congo, APN, and the Staff at HOLD who did so much on our behalf.