Fred continues his work with Lucha as trainer and spokesperson.  He is widely followed as a voice for youth activists, and as hope for the next generations of leadership. He accepted a prize in Berlin for Lucha, and one in Oslo, Norway:

Why is he so dangerous? Why is peacefully demonstrating for clean water and roads dangerous? Maybe ask "to whom is Fred Bauma dangerous?"

Fred is a young man with an economics degree. He reads. He is interested in learning from others' experience. But Fred's real life lessons came when he attended a youth conference and was arrested by his government-for 17 months in the most infamous prison in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo.

Peacebuilding and peacemaking without violence are a real threat to those who depend on violence and fear to maintain their power. Fred is committed to building a generation of youth who are informed, engaged and capable of action in their own communities — for a better future in Congo.