ACT for Congo supports a structured tier of external partnership support for its partner organizations, recognizing that a resilient and self-sufficient local organization will thrive in a network of partnerships and by complying with international standards of development.

ACT for Congo and its partners are experienced in managing large grants and the financial and logistical reporting for the grants.

ACT for Congo has grant agreements with its partners. They are the ones who prioritize research; ACT for Congo has helped them with improving the surveys and analysis of the data. They collect data,  and they provide reporting, both narrative and financial. They are audited in Goma by an international auditor (the same company that Oxfam uses).

ACT for Congo helps partners evaluate their programs, drawing on outside evaluation help from people like Dr. Serena Cosgrove of Seattle University, or the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Site visits, frequent contact by phone and email are part of ACT for Congo’s strong partnerships. We value innovation based on experience and place a high value on responsible relationships and trust.

Please contact us for more information.