The Environmental Clubs started with a neighborhood clean up project that one of HOLD's  Human Development Clubs organized. The act of tidying a neighborhood regularly had such an impact that more environmental projects to promote availability of potable water, clean food, and air...

This caught on and grew into several outreach programs in surrounding communities as well as nearby Virunga National Park. Peer educators teach young children and teenagers about building a sustainable future in DR Congo. The environment is tied to clean water, food, and a renewable, stable economy. They teach children about deforestation, building soil with compost, the serious and avoidable effects of pollution, and how to practice good stewardship. And the children teach their parents!


In this video, the women at HOLD are repurposing plastic bags from the trash to make beautiful accessories that people can wear. These fashionable totes aren't being shuttled off to get sold in the developed world. People in Goma buy and wear them! 


HOLD partners with APN, Amis Protecteur de la Nature, which is a grassroots group that works inside Virunga National Park. Together, they created an after school program about environmental stewardship for children of all ages. Community-driven environmental stewardship is new to many people in Congo.


The Environmental Club also holds classes for children during school breaks. The children and counselors are singing songs about the environment during a summer school session in the video here.