HOLD's Cultural Club is a natural extension of the Human Development Clubs. It grew organically from women and men at HOLD who wanted innovative ways to create genuine change in their communities. They use many genres, including visual art, poetry, theater, dance, music, and video to educate, raise hope and consciousness, and improve the lives of people living in Goma.

The Cultural Club and HOLD-DRC decided to launch a yearlong campaign to change policy about expelling pregnant girls from school, beginning February, 2014. They wrote a play and performed it in churches, schools, and in front of school officials. This was so effective that HOLD brought the school officials to the DRC Provincial Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Gender & Social Affairs in March, 2015 to work on changing the policy.

The Government Ministries asked HOLD-DRC to accompany them in this process. With vision, time, and effort, change is on its way!

Below are the most recent videos made by the Cultural Club. We can let them speak for themselves.

Below left is the first video made by the Cultural Club, about their program for teen moms, Succeeding Together. The women wrote the lyrics and put it to music with the help of Maisha Soul: