Judy's Corner: It's Independence Day in DR Congo!

Today, Congo celebrates 55 years of since Belgian Congo declared independence. It's been a long story...

 Innoss'B of Maisha Soul recently wrote and produced "Cha Cha" as an homage to the original song celebrating Belgian Congo's liberation, Independence Cha Cha, played by  Le Grand Kalle' et L'African Jazz 60 years ago:

When I was in Goma this April, Innoss and his brothers told me they were going to do a series of concerts for peace in the cities to the north of Goma, where conflict stopped future plans for so many. They wanted to raise awareness among Congolese, and raise money to help orphans left behind. Orphaned children cannot go to school. Schools in places where there is violence close, because it’s hard to keep a curriculum going when teachers and students are on the run. 

So InnossB and Maisha Soul are doing a series of concerts for the public. $1 admission will go to a fund for scholarships. Any contributions earmarked “InnossB Peace” will go to them to support this effort.  How great to see Congolese putting their talent on the line for messages that encourage people in a warzone, that entertain, of course, but the message is Amani (Peace.)


Below is Independence Cha Cha as recorded 55 years ago:

Posted on June 30, 2015 .