Judy's Corner: Honoring Mothers Across the World


Mother’s Day.

Think of the women who’ve taught you, encouraged you, loved you, befriended you, mentored you…I am thankful for my mother, and for my grandmothers, and my aunts, and the women in the larger circles who’ve been models and mentors at different stages in my life.

So take a moment and thank them, or thank God for them.

We celebrate Mothers in the US this Sunday.  In Europe it’s the end of May.  Or maybe it’s the whole month?  We should be thankful for those who’ve mothered us every day. 

Here is a song from a young Congolese musician from Beni, Rogatien Milord, written for his mother in Swahili, French and English.  He has given us permission to use it.  It was recorded in Goma by Maisha Soul Records. 


So from Congo and us, Happy Mother's Day to you and yours --



Posted on May 9, 2015 .