Judy's corner: September 2014 newsletter

Clear skies and a little crisp tinge to the air in the Seattle area.  Fall is coming...I just found the name and phone numbers of the president of the Internally Displaced Peoples' camp in Buhimba that I visited in November almost a year ago. I wonder where he and his family are today?  Have things changed that much in the area around Goma?  Basic safety and security will take a long time. It will take more civil society leaders and more grassroots organizations in DR Congo to demand better service from their government, and more accountability from their elected leaders.  That's why we started ACT for Congo, to work with Congolese leaders who're doing this work on the ground.  They can educate better because they know the languages, the culture, the challenges and difficulties. But it's long-term work and takes a variety of approaches. That's why we are investing in leaders for generations.

*        Great news.   Micheline Mwekami will be coming to Seattle for an iLEAP Fellowship October to December, 2014.  We've known her for five years as journalist, photographer, activist.  (link to website story)  We believe that Micheline will continue to make a difference in this world-and for Congo-- for the rest of her life.

*        Alison Sambo, who has been volunteering with ACT for Congo for several years, was in Goma for six weeks working with HOLD-DRC.  She's set up the relationship with U of Wisconsin and will host us in Madison next month.  See her blog on our website...

*        Our partner, HOLD-DRC, has been invited with us to two opportunities to learn and share.

o   Modestine and I will attend the "Quality Improvement Leadership Institute" at the University of Wisconsin in October, 2014.   We are trying to bring her to Seattle prior to the time at U of Wisconsin.  Your donations will make this possible

o   Modestine and I will attend a partner's retreat in Cameroun to share our experience and meet other partners of Covenant World Relief, in November. We will then continue on to visit Goma and the work of HOLD there.

Working with Congolese professionals on world-class solutions to teen motherhood, poverty and opportunity linked to public health messages.

Please share this news with anyone you think will be interested in what's happening in Congo and what ACT for Congo is doing.  We believe in investing in the people who are already committed to action, to change, and to doing it well.  Thanks for your support and word of mouth!  We need your help to change the dominant story of Congo as a "basket case". We see it as an energetic, creative people who are looking for good leadership. ACT for Congo is working with those leaders, to bring them to the forefront and enable them to extend their work.

Judith A. Anderson
bridge builder

Posted on September 20, 2014 .