We are a non-profit organization created at a kitchen table in Monroe, Washington. Our brilliant friends in DR Congo asked us for help, and we said, "Yes!". They formed a grassroots organization that was boldly changing lives and community, but they needed support -- they needed a western advocate that could help them build bridges to other organizations both inside Congo and abroad.

It turned out that this was exactly how we wanted to serve the people in Congo.

Our Executive Director and Program Manager, Judy and Dick Anderson, began working in Central Africa in 1972. Over time, they saw that foreign aid rarely produced long-term benefits. Deep, lasting benefits only came from the people living on the inside. So, they decided to work in a radically different way: instead of directing aid from the outside, they would support Congolese programs and leaders with a demonstrated history of fostering change in their communities.

Our team has more than 100 years combined experience in Africa. Our working relationships set us apart.

We work with grassroots leaders who measurably improve people's lives. They are experts in helping their communities, and the people trust them in a way that is not accessible to a foreigner. They have a vantage that an outsider cannot. We help strengthen their management and build productive relationships. We find them resources and opportunity as they build their international credibility.

We walk with them closely, but we do not direct their programs. They lead. They own. They change the future of DR Congo.

Our founding partners, HOLD-DRC: